How to Get More Leads From Your Website

How to Get More Leads From your Website with Krista Smith of

This is the first in a series of episodes dedicated to help you understand how your website works to send you more leads.

We all need more clients. When we spend thousands of dollars creating a website and when it doesn’t send us a consistent series of new inquiries, we can feel really disappointed. The thing is, most women over 40 don’t understand how websites work with Google and the other search engines.

In today’s podcast episode, I’m sharing all the details so that you can get MORE leads and make MORE money using your website.

Tune in and you’ll discover:

  • How to increase the traffic to your website
  • How to help Google understand the kinds of content on your website
  • The easiest way to get and nurture new leads
  • AND so much more.


The email marketing providers I LOVE: Convert Kit and MailerLite.

The Trello template I use as a lead magnet that’s the BEST performing one I’ve EVER had.

Here’s a link to the Business Plan lead magnet I mentioned in the episode.

Link to video showing you how to set up a lead magnet in MailerLite.

Link to video showing you how to set up a lead magnet in Convert Kit.

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